The current issue
  • Assessment of the quality of life of hospitalized elderly patients in cardiology departments
    Elwira Barszczuk, Wiesław Fidecki, Mariusz Wysokiński


  • Human dignity in the aspect of opinion students of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rzeszów on selected elements of care for elderly patients
    Paweł W. Królik, Ewa Rudnicka-Drożak


  • Water in nutrition of the elderly from the Kalisz district
    Agnieszka Saran-Jagodzińska, Karolina Mikstacka


  • The use of virtual reality to recognize spatial orientation disorders in the elderly, as an attempt to use technological innovations in geriatrics
    Adam Bednorz, Ewa Lach, Iwona Benek


  • COVID-19 and elderly people – a systematic review
    Michał Świątczak, Grzegorz Raczak, Ludmiła Daniłowicz-Szymanowicz


  • The causes of agitation in patients with advanced dementia
    Julia M. Pińkowska, Stanisław Ciechanowicz, Julia Dura, Aleksandra Przybylska, Paweł K. Wiśniewski, Katarzyna Wieczorowska-Tobis


  • Longevity and lipid profile
    Natasza Czepulis, Roma Krzymińska-Siemaszko


  • COVID‑19 Pandemic. Late cardiovascular complications
    Diana Paskudzka, Marcin Grabowski


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